Are you looking for something memorable to boost your online presence?

Something unique that will make you stand out from the crowd?

A digital content that will help you to catch your prospective clients' attention and increase your brand awareness?

If all these questions arose at least once in your head, TRUST ME:


Cinemagraphs are LIVING PHOTOGRAPHS. Literally!

In other words, they are a mix of static image and video, looped infinitely. Can you believe it?!

Well, if you're still wondering why CINEMAGRAPHS are such a persuasive tool for your brand let me explain you one more thing...

Cinemagraphs' fascination lies in MOVEMENT!!!

I mean, look at these lemons... Introducing a moving element is key to evoke a more emotional reaction than conventional photography.  This will result in longer session times for websites and apps, higher click rates for banners and display ads, greater user engagement and user experience. Do you really think this lemonade would taste the same without some motion?! 

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